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I Love Bass is turning one

Posted 19th February 2011   |    By Adam McPeake   |   3,274 views

This time last year, I Love Bass was just a thought in mine and James' head, we wanted to start a site that would focus on providing great photography for the Northern Ireland car scene... both new to photography, we had a lot of stuff to learn - so set out attending a cruise, or two to see what it was like, and after shooting a car, or two we decided to start I Love Bass... a year on, we've came a long way, 36 photo galleries, 65 blog articles and 2775 facebook likes.

So to start the celebration of our first birthday, we've put together this video of everything we've been up to in our first year. So take 14 minutes, sit back and enjoy.

Watch in fullscreen for full effect!

Or watch on Vimeo here

Directed and Edited by Adam McPeaked
Filmed by Adam McPeake and James Preston

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