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Irish Drift Championship - Round 5

by Lorin Gannon
4th October 2017 · Ireland

So here we are, the end of one long, wild season of this years Irish Drift Championship; and boy was it a good one.

We kick things off again, back in good old Mondello Park race track, home to the IDC and multiple other motorsport championships. With such a successful end to last years championship and many more before, it was easy to see why the crowds flooded through the gates to watch all these drivers and cars totalling well over 40,000bhp.

Coming through to the final fight, Formula Drift drivers James Deane and Piotr Wicek returned to Ireland to try and take the title. James Deane is no stranger at the IDC or even to Mondello Park. Winning multiple rounds and taking multiple top position finishes at the end of championships on his home soil and even winning the European Drift Championship three times; he was a strong contender for taking the top position on the podium all weekend. However, for Piotr, it was his first time in Ireland and it was safe to say he was greeted with open arms.

Many other extremely talented drivers visited Mondello throughout the weekend, another in particular was Monster Energy driver, Steve 'Baggsy' Biagioni. A humble man from England, driving his Rocket Bunny wide-body "Boss" Nissan PS13 powered by a twin-turbo V6 straight from a 370z. This thing was a crazy sight to see on the track!

The big talk throughout the weekend was on who will win the championship. Two youngsters were battling it out on the drivers standing list for who would be taking first place at the end of this round and ultimately the championship. Jack Shanahan and Tomás Kiely, both equally talented drivers and both good friends. Only one could take first position though, mathematically, Jack was in the lead on Sunday morning. But with this being the Irish Drift Championship nothing is ever set in stone. A slight mishap from Jack or a mechanical issue causing him not to be able to compete means Tomás could easily pass his score and take the championship. 

As with every round of the IDC there's always nonstop action on and off track. Everything from dirt drops, slight contact and three wheeling through multiple clipping points.

Battling through the grid and straight into the semi-finals, Jack Shanahan and Tomás Kiely went face to face again. Smoking up their Westlate tires, door on door as the entire grandstand and dedicated drifting fans looked on as one hell of a battle took place. Jack however went onto face James Deane in the final and now the real battle was about to go down.

This being a championship means there has to be winners. James Deane took top place on the podium with Jack Shanahan in second place and third went to the 17 year old driver, Tomás Kiely. However with Round 5 it brings an end to the overall championship standings. This left Jack Shanahan winning outright with 211 points, leaving him the well deserved and hard fought victor for this years championship. Tomás Kiely took second place with 165 points in the overall standings and third being shared by Shane O'Sullivan and Duane McKeever at a collective 146 points.

From everyone here at ILoveBass we would like to congratulate Jack on his well deserved and hard fought victory. Until next year guys! 

Location:  Mondello Park, Ireland
Words by: Lorin Gannon
Photos by: Lorin Gannon