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Fitteduk 2017

by Alex Carroll
31st July 2017 · England

It's July 30th 2017, and we're back in Manchester for this year's instalment of the English extension of the ILB family - FittedUK 2017. It's been 4 years since Alex Nowakoski (or Koski) as we now know him, told us about his vision to host a huge car show and I don't think anybody can argue that he has delivered exactly that. The sheer scale of the venue is incredible - 300,000 square feet of premium event space to be filled with the best show cars from all over the UK and Europe. 

Before we get onto the show I think it's worth talking about the people behind it. They're a huge family and some of the happiest, friendliest people we've met since doing car shows. From the minute we arrived at the show on Friday afternoon they made us feel part of the team, until the minute we left on Sunday evening; they truly are a huge credit to themselves and deserve every single piece of success they have achieved.

Onto Sunday; the day the show opens to the public. The first people we met where Tsubasa Tsukui (@tsubasa_un_) and Ryota Iwaida (@ryota_iwaida) - these guys flew 20 hours from Japan for the show, which is just crazy! We'd like to thank them for our green tea KitKats and for absolutely loving everyone and everything. We also saw Victor Korotkov back over again from Russia in his A6, by our calculations thats 6000 miles to UK shows in just 2 months - again crazy. The fact that this show pulls people to it from these sort of distances really shows how good it is and how far the FittedUK brand has come.

To the cars, what we're all here for right? They go for as far as the eye can see so as you can imagine we can't cover all of them. The standard is so so high so we'll show you a few of our favourites and let the album do the rest.

Firstly we have Shaun Quinns Civic, theres so much work gone into the recent transformation of this car and it looks amazing.  

Lomotions incredible EK.
How about this for a Manifold?

Parked right next to this was Scott Lennons 350Z, another member of Lomotion up in Scotland. Imagine seeing this thing behind you on the road.

Rocketbunny and silly wide WCI's.

We spotted this stunning MK1 Scirocco from our stand, such a clean build.

Super clean.

Sticking with the classic VW theme with this MK2, one of the platform cars. Smooth bay, BBS and super clean underneath.

Smooth bay, BBS and super clean.

Connor Hollamby's 190E on RF's, one of our favourite sets of wheels.

190E on RF's.

As you all know we love an E28 over at ILB, here's Jack Williams' example that was on our stand.

Jacks E28 on our stand.

Lastly we spotted this matte black Berg Cup kitted E21, if Batman owned a BMW this would be it.

Batmans E21.

We want to say a huge congratulations to the FittedUK team for once again putting on the biggest and probably the best show on the UK calendar for the 4th year in a row - here's to 2018.

Photos & Words by Alex Carroll
Location: Manchester, England.