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Districts 01 - The Cars

by James Preston
17th July 2017 · Northern Ireland

You've heard all about why we created Districts, what we did at Districts and pretty much everything else about the show.  Wait, what? You haven't?  Well you better go read Introducing Districts 01 before we go any further.

One thing we didn't talk about in that article was the cars.  Yes, I know, you can't have a car show without cars - but we've been waiting the perfect opportunity to give them the spotlight they deserve.  An article all of their own.  So without further a do, we present Districts 01 - The Cars... (I think all the cans of Monster in our office may be getting to me.)

At Districts we had 6 individual sections, well 6 districts (duhh).  Stance, Classic, Motorcycles, Motorsport, Off-Road and Exotic. 

So let's jump right in.

I guess we should start with the car that made a little fuss when it both entered and exited the show.  The crowd that came along with Nigel's Lamborghini Aventador SV was insane.  The Lamborghini Aventador marked the beginning of a new era of supercar.  The Aventador SV completely refined that concept.  The naturally aspirated V12 pushes out a pretty meaty 740bhp and boy does it sound good, like I mean it's one of the best sounds I've ever heard.  It's pretty easy to see how this car took him our first place prize in the exotic district. 

Another serious head turner on our list was our very own Gary Greenberg's 300sel.  In it's day, the 300sel was the world's fastest four door car.  The engine being a 6.3 litre M100 V8 which had been taken from the 600 limousine and installed in the, normally six-cylinder powered Mercedes Benz 300 SEL.  It resulted in a 2tonne saloon that could hold it's own with most of the dedicated sports cars of that era.  But what about Garys?  Going along a much more track inspired concept, Garys gutted the interior and installed a full cage.  He plans to install 4 bucket seats and give it some proper track time. Rebuilding the entire engine the car would have rolled into the show on it's own accord, stopping was Gary's issue, unfortunately the brake setup isn't finished - but sure, who really needs brakes?  If you know Gary, you'll know how much this ratted racing machine suits him.  We also loved watching peoples faces as he aired out in his parking space. 

I almost forgot he picked up the "best wheel" award for his custom set of Dymag Mil Light centre lock wheels. It's amazing these fit under those arches, they must be at least 12 inches wide!

Ok, so it's an SR20DET, yes the engine bay is absolutely flawless.  But this isn't an S15 Silvia, this is a 1979 Ford Escort. This really can't describe how perfectly this build has been executed, nothing looks out of place. The 410bhp SR20 looks at home tucked up under the hood. Inside and out the details in this thing are amazing. 

What's 19 feet long, 350 bhp and has 700lbft?  It's Geddis Redman's 130 Land Rover Defender.  This absolute monster has been completely rebuilt with Cummins 5.9 turbo diesel.  When Geddis turned up at the show, he was soaking and had a slight aroma of diesel, he looked tired but mostly happy he'd made it to the show.  Getting up at 6am to clean the Defender, a task in itself considering the car is the size of a small house.  He finished and set off for the show, only making a couple of miles before breaking down at the side of the road.  He began stripping the engine down before he was passed by Chris Doyle (on his way to collect Gary's 300SEL).  They loaded the jeep up and drove to the workshop where he was able to steal an injector pump out of a lorry and get him on his way.  After another trip up the road spilling out some diesel, Geddis finally made it.  He only finished fixing the truck in his space beside our stage. We give Geddis our "spirit of the show" award.  Doing everything he could to make it to the show and not giving up.  Massive respect to Geddis and his huge bagged rig. 

Starting off life as an old Honda Goldwing, Marty has built this bike from the ground up.  Over recent years, the café racer style has made a huge comeback.  Builds reminiscing of early 1960's grand prix road racing bikes, making these kind of bikes are pretty recognizable.  Café racers in a past era really represented the speed, status and rebellion of motorcycles.  It's cool to see them making a comeback.  Marty's goldwing also picked up the award for best motorcycle chosen by Gary from Titanic City Cycles.

District 01, you're up!  This is Fraser Gatherum's MKIV Golf Estate.  Making the trip over from Scotland for the show, it was extremely humbling to see the guy's travelling over to show off their builds. With the stance district being our largest, it wasn't easy to narrow down a winner.  We wanted to pick a car that really did capture the essence of the stance scene - Fraser's Golf does just that.  The first thing you notice is the huge amount of camber on both the front and rear wheels.  What's more impressive is how bang on the fitment is, even with the crazy levels of camber.  This thing sits so well and really deserved picking up the top spot in our stance district.

The MK1 Escort, the replacement for the long running Ford Angila, hit the UK market in 1967.  They became a national best seller, six years into the production Ford announced that they had built the two millionth escort.  They began producing higher performance for both rallies and racing, and they did well, like really well.  Becoming one of the most successful rally cars of all time.  In fact, the Ford works team was practically unbeatable in the early 1970's.  The Escort's greatest victory was in the 1970 London to Mexico World Cup Rally.  A race spanning from 19th of April to the 27th of May, covering 16, 000 miles, it was won by Hannu Mikkola and Gunnar Palm in their Ford Escort.  This give rise to the Escort Mexico, a special edition road version to honour the rally car.  This is Ryan Donnelly's 1972 Escort Mexico with only a tiny little 500 miles on the clock. The car is immaculate both inside, out, underneath, pretty much every angle you look at it. It honestly look as if it's just rolled off the production line.  It was the very deserved winner of our Classic district. 

2017 seen local driver Chris Smiley in a new and very exciting team, BTC Norlin Racing. The team brought down this season's team racing cars, as well as two of their huge ass trucks.  The guys picked up the best looking car award in their Chevrolet Cruzes.  It was awesome to be able to get a walk around these cars and be able to talk to the drivers.

Ok, quickfire round! [pew pew pew]

Another car that sat stupidly well was Tim Long's bagged S2000.  This thing looks super aggressive on it's TE37's. Tim's also got a very lovely set of rear lights, well done Tim!

Usual suspect and no stranger to ILB, Niall O'Dowd had his Porsche out for another trip. Simplicity is key in Niall's latest build.  Using subtle touches to really accentuate how awesome this build is.

We even had a penny farthing. I mean, what's more G than a penny farthing. (I think I just like saying the word)

This 2002 was super cool.

This was pretty damn big. 8ft to be exact.

Thomas Lacey feature in every article since he built this thing.

Old school tucking cool.

Some people even brought their yachts. Fancy.

Richard Smyth's e30 is also another stunning build. One of our favourite e30's out there!

Again we just want to say a massive thank you to all you guys that brought these amazing builds down, not just the ones mentioned, every single one that attended! With out you guys there is no show. You are the real MVP's.

Words by: James Preston
Photos by: Alex Carroll & Brendan Mariani
Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland