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Irish Drift Championship - Round 3 Pro-Am

by Lorin Gannon
13th July 2017 · Ireland

The time has come for part two of our Irish Drift Championship coverage in Mondello Park, Ireland. This is Round 3 of the Pro-Am championship, an event also dubbed Global Warfare 4. With it being Mondello Park everyone was anticipating some unexpected and random weather conditions and we sure did get it! It has always been said that Mondello has its own climate. If it's 28˚C in Dublin city, it would probably be pouring down hailstones on track. This results in some varied track conditions for the drivers, coupled with the intense long track layout that has been created for Global Warfare 4.

This events layout was completely unseen before in Mondello Park. It featured 13 demanding clipping points across a longer track  than normal, with a high speed entry into the first two clipping points right in front of the permanent grandstand. With the track being scattered with rain every few minutes it gave a slight advantage to the lower powered cars, that is until it dried up quickly and the more developed and higher horsepower builds started to show what they're made of. That being said, drifting isn't all about sheer power. Driving skill and commitment play a huge factor in this championship whether you drive a 180bhp Toyota AE86 or an 800bhp one, it doesn't make much of a difference if you can't handle that power. It has been proven on multiple occasions when the lower budget builds have taken down some of the highest developed cars on the grid, needless to say this is very interesting to see!

In the Irish Drifting Championship there's a huge level of driving skill, after all there are countless Irish motorsport drivers that have either placed high on a podium or outright dominated a series, not just in drifting but many other forms of motorsport and championships so it's pretty obvious that IDC is far from lacking in that department. These guys put everything they've built on the line in Pro-Am, their love, pain and countless hours spent building these machines, just to compete each round with a smile on their face all while creating one incredible show for the spectators. 

All the drivers absolutely loved the fast paced and demanding layout that the guys running the Irish Drift Championship have created and it's safe to say that the huge crowds of dedicated fans did too. One driver in particular was a huge fan of the new layout. Tom Murphy, a fan favourite from his sheer aggressive and raw style of driving. Watching this man throw the car into each clipping point all while being in control and fully committed is a beautiful thing to watch. This style of driving however puts its toll on the car as Tom sadly found out. The steering rack gave up during his final battle and left him sitting with a very respectable 4th place. Its not doom and gloom though as Tom said "it's the best IDC event I've done to date" and myself, as a spectator can defiantly back that up. 

One of my personal favourite battles was between Paul Stryker VS Ian Galvin. Paul put on by far one of the best and closest chase runs I've seen all season in the Pro-Am championship keeping on Ian's door all the way around the track.

Derek Newsome pulled everything out of his brand new Pro-Am IDC competitive car taking 1st place on the podium with Danny O'Callaghan taking 2nd place and Stuart Gilmour taking 3rd place after winning his battle with Tom Murphy. Next up from our Irish Drift Championship coverage is Round 4, King of The Hill in Watergrasshill in County Cork, Ireland. We're expecting an outstanding event as always, will you be there? 

Location: Mondello Park, Ireland
Words by: Lorin Gannon
Photos by: Lorin Gannon