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Gethin Evans' mk3 Golf

Posted 13th December 2013   |    By Adam McPeake   |   11,388 views

The Dub scene gets a lot of grief for being all poke, no smoke. All show, no go. Having a fancy car to look at, but when you jump in to go some where - it's just a boring 2 litre diesel or a 1.6 petrol like mine, Yawn. That's fine, and a lot of people don't have the time, effort or money to put into a car to give it all those aspects people dream about.

However, there are cars out there that can show, and go. As it happens, in Northern Ireland there are actually quite a few. Especially in the dub scene! You'll see them dotted over Dubshed in April if you keep your eyes peeled.

Gethin's mk3 is one of those cars, and if you've seen the recent video of his car blowing a tyre on a dyno, you should know just that. So let's get the rumour mill stopped and lay down some facts. What's under the hood? A 24v BDE VR6 with a PTE 6766 turbo. Gearbox? That's an 02M (6 speed) with diesel gearing.

At a recent dyno run, the car put down 539.8 bhp at 1.2 bar. Prior to the power run it managed a 223mph top speed run before suffering a blow out to the front right tyre and contrary to the trivial Top Gear report, it was nothing to do with stretched tyres, with tyre manufacturer fitment recommendation to back this up. Sheer speed killed this tyre, nothing else, with the tyres being taken way beyond their speed ratings. Haven't seen that video, watch here.

We caught up with Gethin a few weeks back and put together this video above. A bit of a new level for us, hopefully you'll enjoy.

The list of mods is crazy, as you'll see below;

Wössner pistons
Pauter rods
ARP hardware throughout
Self made downpipe and boost pipes
3" stainless exhaust
PTE 6766 turbo
PTE 39mm WG
United Motorsport 870 Promaf tune with on board adjustable launch control and no lift shift on factory ECU
A 034 motorsport FP34 fully enclosed surge tank with Bosch 044 pump
Mocal 19 row oil cooler with thermo take off plate
VF Engineering mounts
02M transmission with TDI gearset
Quaife LSD and shortened driveshaft
Spec Stage 3+ clutch and alu SMF
Eibach front and rear anti roll bars
Powerflex polybushed complete front end
Recaro Pole Position buckets
Half roll cage
False flat floor in the rear
Retrimmed headcloth in black alcantara to match false floor
Highline pillar trims
AEM gauges
OMP 350mm Corsica
Whole car bare shell repsray in orginal LC5L Mystic Blue Pearl
Porsche ETA Beta 3 piece Cups, 8x17 all round with staggered dishes and barrels.
Falken ZE 912 195/40 17 tyres.
Porsche 996 C2 front brakes.
Koni Coilovers.

Thanks to our friends at Drone Vision for working with us with this one.

Watch on YouTube here;

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Directed and edited by: Adam McPeake
Drone Operator: Richard Stewart
Drone Pilot: David Procter
Producers: Adam McPeake, James Preston
Assistants: James Preston, Lewis McClay
Car Owner: Gethin Evans
Koven - More than you 
Words by: Adam McPeake
Location: Islandmagee, Northern Ireland

Sections: #featuredcars #carvideos