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Adam Hamill's VW Up!

by Adam McPeake
1st October 2013 · Northern Ireland

Being 16 and driving around a 2.4L Turbo Defender as your first car may sound fun and all, hell I wish I had one. But Adam tells us after a couple of years of him banging it around a field, and then on roads once he passed his test - the appeal wears off - you get a bit bored. You end up wanting something different, something you can modify. At least this was the case for Adam, though now he says he still misses the growl of that 2.4L engine through what basically was a straight through exhaust system.

He tells us after attending his first car show in 2012, Dubshed at the Kings Hall he was hooked. Most especially he loved Niall O'Dowd's Lupo - he joined the Lupo forum and got searching nearly every day online for the perfect Lupo. For what would be the base for his dream modfied car. His plan was simple, sell the Defender to cover the cost of the Lupo and his project. But he never found that one Lupo he just loved.

With the search drying up on the Lupo front - he still dreamed about having the perfect car to modify - this is when he heard about the new VW Up! - basically the brand new Lupo. "Perfect" Adam thought.

After a bunch of research and a couple more forums, Adam ordered his new VW Up! to the exact spec he wanted. Then the waiting game began, and a few months later it arrived. But it arrived with 4 doors, not what he had ordered. VW offered to let him keep it for no extra cost - 4 doors costs more - but what do VW know, he wanted the one he ordered. So he waited a bit longer and finally got the car he was after.

It only took 675 miles after getting this brand new Up! for Adam to take it down to John Pedan to be fitted with some Hydro suspension - he barely let the paint dry before ripping out the standard suppension and flushing out those front number plate holes.

After getting the car back from John, Adam set about ordering a set of Schmidts TH lines which arrived two weeks later. He then went through countless sets of tyres to find that perfect match.

We met up with Adam not long after, just two days before he moved to England for Uni to snap up the car. So I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of this wee Up!. And from what I hear, Adam has some more plans for it - before Dubshed 2014.

Oh, and that defender - it never did get sold. Instead his sister rolled it into a river... 

Adam would like to thank John Peden for all his hard work, Simon Bingham for all the tyre hassle and Rollo Gillespie from OCDNI for the wonderful products and help.

Photos by: Adam McPeake & Lewis McClay
Car Owner: Adam Hamill
Words by: Adam McPeake
Booking Agent: James Preston
Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland