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Vage 11 2013

by James Preston
13th August 2013 · Ireland

This weekend just past, the guys at VAGE EIRE invited us down to the opposite side of Ireland for their 11th Anniversary show. Located just outside of Cork at the Corrin Event Center in the small town of Fermoy - the show went off without a hitch.

Though not the largest show in Ireland, VAGE EIRE still plays host to dozens of different types of Volkswagens, Audis, Skodas etc from all sides of Ireland. We travelled 270 miles ( or 437km ) to reach the show, and we brought along some of our finest feature cars we show off at the show. Rodney's Sirocco, which picked up Best Sirocco and Steven's Golf which picked up Best Wheels and runner up mk4 Golf. We were even joined by the Showerks guys on our stand, Tom's Polo which picked up runner up Polo/Lupo and Pete's s4 Estate. My Volvo c30 was also in attendance, sneaking into yet another VAG only show. Like a boss.

We even pulled out the RC drift cars for a bit of fun, drawing in a couple of crowds throughout the day.

A great day all in all, and thanks to the guys at VAGE EIRE for the invite! We'll see you at Titanic Dubs!

Photos by: James Preston
Show Organiser: VAGE EIRE
Words by: Adam McPeake
Location: Cork, Ireland