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Steven Toner's Mk4 Golf

by Adam McPeake
7th August 2013 · Northern Ireland

With a bagged Audi A3, an Astra VXR Nurburgring, a mk2 Golf, a GSI Astra, three different mk3 Golf's, a Type R Civic and a good old 306 D Turbo behind him, amongst others. Steven Toner has quite the car history. As you may be able to tell, he likes to change things up a bit.

With all of these behind him, he currently only owns three cars. Only. An MG ZR for a run about, a Nissan 350z - which is a project for another day, and of course this Murano Red Pearl mk4 Golf.

Bought two days before Ultimate Dubs 2012, simply because he wanted something to show... the car was already bagged with a Rayvern 2 way air kit and was running a set of BBS CH's ( 19x8.5 ).

He was orginally only going to keep the car for a short time, but like all modified car enthusiasts - he just couldn't leave it alone. He set to work, fitting a genuine r32 kit and a badgeless front grill. He then smoothed the front bumper and the bonnet to match.

Continuing with Lupo gti wing mirrors, cause Steven thinks smaller is better... and fitting a Hot Tuning bolt in roll cage, which he had powder coated Crackle Black. He then tweaked with the air system that was already in the car, adding a Viair 380 compressor and tank.

Inside Steven fitted Porsche Tombstones in the front which have had the centres double diamond stitched, and removed the rear seats - and replaced them with what can only be described as your living room sofa cushions. He also fitted a mk2 Audi TT steering wheel and rear view mirror as well as an Audi S Line gear knob. 

Just like his cars - Steven couldn't make up his mind on wheels, starting off with those BBS CH's ( 19x8.5 ) he moved on to Volace 3.6 ( 18x8 18x9.5 ), OZ Breytons ( 17x8 ), Porsche Twist splits ( 18x8.5 18.9 ) before finally settling on what he has now - one of the only sets of Rotiform TMB's in the country ( 18x8.5 18x10 )... I know this cause I have the other set. Copy cat. He runs spacers at 25mm in the front and 15mm in the rear to get that perfect stance.

Left over we have a custom made exhaust system, by the wizard John Pedan and a custom painted engine cover in Stone Mint paint.

Enjoying the car this summer, Steven is happy with how it's looking and tells us he'll be moving on to his next project soon. If you wanna see this beast in person, it'll be with us VAGE Cork this coming week.

Loving the car Steven, and look forward to seeing your 350! Oh and sorry James for not helping with the photos, I was too distracted by my RC drift car... see last photo.

Edit: I just realised I posted this without mentioning how happy of a lad Steven is. If you ever meet him, note how happy he is - all the time. Amazing.

Photos by: James Preston
Car Owner: Steven Toner
Words by: Adam McPeake
Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland