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Paul Hicklin's Polo

by Adam McPeake
24th June 2013 · Northern Ireland

Arriving a bit early for a change, Lewis, Ryan and myself pulled up to the Nutts Corner Circuit - excited by the shoot we were about to get stuck into. But before that, we spoke with Raymie from Nutts Corner Circut and before long he had us head to toe in race gear and out on the track in their brand new go karts ripping up the track... Only 12 laps, but I'd just like to mention I managed to lap Lewis, sorry buddy. Next time.

Anyway, shortly Paul, and Todd arrived and we got to work. Choosing this location because, well what other location would suit a 240bhp Polo GTI 1.8 Turbo with a full roll cage, and Recaro Pole Position bucket seats?Obviously it had to be a track, and the guys at Nutts Corner Circuit happily gave us full access to their entire track for the afternoon.

You may recongise Paul's name. As we've met up with him before. Back when he had his head turning multi coloured BBS wheel'd Clio. We did a shoot and video, which gathered a huge response. So, as he's back with a brand new whip - we gathered we just had to do the same again, but better.

Starting life as a 2007 Polo GTI 1.8 Turbo, Paul with help from some friends - Jonny Mckinney should probably get a mention here, have worked hard to make this Polo into something really special. Not just going for looks, Paul has felt up every corner of this wee Polo. He's added a full miltek with sports cat, a Forge front mount inter cooler, a Forge dump valve, a Forge induction hose and intercooler piping. As well as a cone air filter, 4 bar fuel pressure regulator, Moroso inline cooler filler and then a Revo stage 2 remap.

But if you've already flicked through some photos above, you may notice he's also fully smoothed the engine bay and done a full wiretuck... a racecar with a wiretuck. Yep.

The engine looks good, so what about everything else? Fk silver line coilovers, KMAC Pro Adjustable Top Mounts, Fk big hoop ARB, White line REar ARB, Compomotive MO6 16x8 et30, 15mm spacers in the front and 10mm spacers in the rear has that covered. As well as 312mm front brakes, 256mm rear brakes - painted VW Tornado Red.

Keeping the clean look going around the entire car. Paul had the front bumper smoothed and a Jap Spec rear bumper fitted. He also removed the aerial and then had the entire car fully resprayed in VW Candy White. Inside he removed the back seats and fitted a false floor in OEM carpet, fitted a Pioneer double din head unit, a Momo Steering wheel boss, an OMP Corsica steering wheel, and a fullly weld in roll cage, which was finished in Matt Red and then fitted those awesome Recaro Pole Positions, which are trimmed in suede.

As I said, not one corner of this Polo has been left untouched, and from the pics you can see it's pretty fun too. Credit to the owner for the work, and one of the coolest cars about in Northern Ireland today.

We've also got a pretty exiciting video coming in the next few weeks... keep an eye out.

Photos by: Ryan Wilson, James Preston and Adam McPeake
Car Owner: Paul Hicklin
Words by: Adam McPeake
Location: Nutts Corner, Northern Ireland