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Ben Jennings's Mini Coope…

Posted 1 day ago by Alex England

Chances are, if you're from Worcester you will have heard of a car club called TwoTwenty and you will have seen this Mini at their meets along with Ross’ Lupo GTi which we featured late las…

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ILB - Year 4 - The Video

Posted 4 days ago by Adam #carvideos

In all honestly, us here at ILB haven't an actual clue when our birthday really is. It's some time around the end of March, start of April. It's a mystery bigger than the bermuda triangle. Well if yo…

i love bass

Dubshed 2014 Day 2

Posted 6 days ago by James Northern Ireland

Some how, the Sunday Dubshed lands on always manages to pull the right weather outta a magic hat - either that or the GTINI lads know someone up above to pull some major favours. Either way, the weath…

i love bass

Dubshed 2014 Day 1

Posted 1 week ago by James Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland and Ireland have a lot of car shows, all over the place. But to us, and to the majority of people here - there is only one big show. And that's Dubshed, every year it grows and expand…

i love bass

Tsar Sheane's 1954 Volksw…

Posted 1 week ago by James Northern Ireland

You may have seen this car last year at Dubshed, parked in the main hall between some pillars. If not, then more than likely you'll have seen it on the Dubshed 2014 flyer we designed, or the billboard…